Plant Studio: Plant Science

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Do you find yourself daydreaming about the plants around you-wondering how they grow and thrive? Indulge your curiosity as we introduce you to the fascinating world of plant science, and the techniques our scientists use to study, collect, and conserve these incredible organisms. Topics range from the basics of plant form and function to plant life cycle and reproduction (think fruits and flowers!); captivating plant survival adaptations; and a look into the critical importance of biodiversity to the planet.

This course includes pre-recorded lectures featuring our plant professionals-Regina Alvarez, Jamie Boyer, Leslie Day, and Nina Naghshineh-as well as virtual behind-the-scenes tours of NYBG's Plant Science Lab and the world-class William and Lynda Steere Herbarium, where you'll learn how botanists approach research in this crucial field.

Weekly Content Overview
  • Week 1: Explore why we study plants and their major and unique contributions.
  • Week 2: Review plant structure and the lifecycle of a plant.
  • Week 3: Study plant reproduction with a focus on flowers.
  • Week 4: Dive deeper into plant reproduction, with a focus on fruit.
  • Week 5: Learn about plant adaptations; those that fulfill basic needs and provide protection.
  • Week 6: Survey current research about plant conservation, including work taking place at NYBG. Apply your knowledge by producing a full description of a plant species of your choosing, from root to fruit.

Throughout this course, your course facilitator (who is identified as "instructor" in the session info below) will be with you every step of the way, by providing feedback on assignments and answering questions through discussion boards. This course also includes one live session with your course facilitator.

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