Dr. Andrew Weil: The Healing Power of Mushrooms

A pioneer in integrative medicine, Dr. Andrew Weil has developed a lifelong passion for all aspects of mushrooms-their flavors, medicinal value, and ability to break down environmental toxins. His fascinating presentation will debunk old myths and share recent findings that suggest safe new approaches for our health and the health of our planet.

Like many traditional and alternative practitioners, Dr. Weil believes select fungi-from maitake and reishi to cordyceps and lion's mane-can strengthen the immune system,increase resistance to stress, and inhibit the growth of some malignant tumors. He has even developed skincare products that harness the anti-inflammatory benefits of mushrooms to reduce redness, dryness, and irritation.

Join us and find out how mushrooms offer so much more than good food-including the potential to help protect endangered honeybees from Colony Collapse Disorder.

After his talk, Weil will be joined by Dr. Michael Balick, NYBG's Director and Philecology Curator of the Institute of Economic Botany, fora wide-ranging discussion on mushrooms.

Physician and best-selling author Andrew Weil, M.D., is a leader in the fields of health, wellness, and integrative medicine.Internationally recognized for his views on healthy living, aging, and the future of medicine and healthcare, Dr. Weil was named one of"the world's 100 most influential people" and one of "25 most influential Americans" by TIME.

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