A Gardening Life: James Alexander-Sinclair

"Gardens are never finished and most of the pleasure is in their creation rather than their completion." So says James Alexander-Sinclair, one of the UK's foremost garden designers and one who relishes collaborating with his clients. He will take us through some his favorite gardens-both private and public-sharing the stories behind their creation and the various solutions to their unique problems. Hills, tiny courtyards, healing gardens, rolling acres, flower shows, and kitchen gardens: all horticultural life is here.

The Chairman of the Royal Horticultural Society Gardens Committee, James Alexander-Sinclair has designed gardens from London to Moscow. He is an award-winning garden writer, has judged at flower shows across the world, presented television programs, and has been part of the BBC Chelsea Flower Show coverage for ages.

Available CEUs include: APLD and LA CES

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