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Basketball Referee Training School will take you through the rules book and prepare you to pass the IHSAA online exam to become a licensed basketball official. This course will include classroom instruction and on-court training to learn positioning, signals, and more. This class is a great way to stay active and earn extra money after you pass the licensing exam.
In this course, you'll be exposed to in-depth lessons about all things related to Bourbon Whiskey. In each session, learn about various Bourbons and sample specialized tastings of select brands.
An inclusive introduction to beer through tasting and discussion. Learn about the brewing process, ingredients, tasting techniques, and beer styles-with historical background, modern context, and beer samples throughout.
Would you like a new challenge? Learn the exciting game of Bridge! Bridge stimulates the mind and provides a chance to meet new people. You will learn suit and No Trump bidding, responses, play of the hand, defense and more. Whether you know a little about the game or are a total beginner, this class is for you. Taught by an experienced duplicate bridge player and teacher.
Sharpen your Bridge skills and learn new concepts in bidding, declarer play and defense to improve your game. Master important conventions and strategies for better suit and no-trump bidding, competitive bidding, use of takeout doubles, preemptive bids, slam bidding and more. Each session will also focus on specific ways to improve your play of the hand and defense. All classes except the first will include at least an hour of supervised play using pre-dealt hands.
This workshop will provide a brief overview of many of the benefits of native plants and how we can incorporate them into our urban gardens to create functional ecosystems.
This workshop will provide an overview of native pollinators and look at how we can provide them with food sources, lure them into our gardens and provide habitats for them in our urban garden spaces.
This course is for the photographer who already knows camera basics and now wants to take their shooting further. Hands-on photo instruction will be coupled with classroom sessions, in-field location shoots, and image critiques. This course is designed for digital SLR cameras. Prerequisite: Digital Nature Photography: Basic Techniques or equivalent knowledge.
Learn the criteria that make photographs tell a story and become more attractive to the viewer. Gain an understanding of how to use the digital camera to capture the images you want. You also will learn how to upload images to a computer, enhance images digitally, and share them as prints and via the Internet. Students must bring a digital SLR camera to class.
This course is for the photographer who already knows camera basics and now wants to take their shooting outside. This class will teach you techniques used by professional photographers.
Learn how you can travel for FREE! 75-million baby boomers are retiring and pursuing their travel dreams. National speaker, Gina Henry will show you how to afford your travel dreams. Learn how to get free airline tickets, hotel stays, cruises, tours, car rentals, vacation meals, & more all over the world. If you are near retirement, retired, re-tooling, changing careers or someone who likes the idea of making additional income to support their travel dreams, while keeping their retirement money in the bank, this class is for you. Learn negotiation tips, how to avoid scams, and the top 50 words to know in any language to travel anywhere. Fee includes Gina Henry's 100-page "Retire & Travel Free" book.
New England's miles of sandy beaches, majestic coasts, and rolling surf invite relaxation. The Islands of New England tour spends eight days exploring New England's charms, from the cobblestone streets of Nantucket to a dry harvest cranberry bog.
The "land of fire and ice" is a place of many wonders, including the rare opportunity to see the spectacular aurora borealis - or northern lights. Take an exhilarating evening northern lights cruise. Travel to the "Golden Circle," home to many of Iceland's most renowned natural wonders.
Searching for ways to reduce the symptoms of stress, while improving attention and well-being? Mindfulness and meditation can help transform quality-of-life for many people. This course will teach theoretical understanding and practical application of these concepts. Meditation will be taught not just as a technique, but as a way to be in life, resulting in a positive impact on wellness. There are no prerequisites for this class except an open mind.
NEW DATES! Presenting in front of an audience is one of the best ways to earn respect and share your ideas. However, many professionals either fear public speaking or lack the skills to present effectively. This two-session course is designed to help you overcome each of these challenges.
Attend this comprehensive class on olive oil by The Olive Twist, retail olive oil store owner, Lori Berndt. The focus of this class is to educate consumers and food lovers on the nuances of quality olive oil. Learn about the different kinds of olive oils and how to select healthy and flavorful extra virgin olive oils for you and your family.
In this class, we will be looking at store bought salad dressings made with chemicals and artificial ingredients and comparing them to simple flavorful homemade dressings. Taste the difference & educate yourself on how to make a better dressing from chemical free ingredients, including quality extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic.
Whether for a career move or for personal knowledge, get all the information needed to become a Certified Personal Trainer. Our personal trainer course is a great way to prepare to be a successful nationally Certified Personal Trainer.
For adults, college students, and high school seniors. In just two weekends, increase your effectiveness as a reader. You will be able to read two to three times faster-depending on the complexity of the reading material. Get more out of what you read, and find it more enjoyable and personally rewarding.
Children and Adult programs available. Students have fun while learning phonics and word-attack skills, building fluency and comprehension, and becoming confident readers. Students improve comprehension in both fiction and non-fiction while doubling their reading speed.
This introductory class offers a unique experience and nontraditional look at one of the oldest painting techniques, watercolor. Experiment with materials and styles, explore art and design, and examine nature and life. Come play with color and water, feed your creative side, and create your own unique work of art.
From the vineyard to your glass, this class delivers a complete introduction to wine. Discussions include tasting techniques, wine making practices, varietals, and regions. Each class includes wine tastings and chef selected food samples as you learn to look beyond the label when choosing your next wine.
Gain an understanding and appreciation for all things "Old World" as we take a closer look at the wines and regions from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Portugal.
Learn the most effective techniques to defend yourself against the most common attacks on women. You will learn how to physically turn your body into a weapon through striking, ground fighting, and self-defense techniques that allow you to go home safely.
Yoga Tone is an energetic form of yoga where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breathing movements and music. It incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, cardio and physical and mental stamina in one session for the perfect balance of sweat and serenity.

Although Yoga is physical in nature, it also benefits emotional well being. Yoga physically strengthens the muscles in the spine creating flexibility and ease in motion and is a tremendous stress reducer. This class will give those who are new to yoga a judgement-free atmosphere in which to learn. For the more advanced yoga enthusiasts, this class will give you the opportunity to explore new areas.
Are you preparing for a trip to France, the world's top tourist destination, or another of the 56 countries in the French-speaking world? Seize this opportunity to develop your skills in language and culture. This class will familiarize you with spoken French and tourism-related information. Practical conversation skills for airports, hotels, restaurants, and landmarks will be introduced. You will also learn important historical and cultural details, which will be tailored based on your intended travel destinations.
Thinking of traveling to a German speaking country in the near future? This course will concentrate on essential vocabulary and skills needed for travel in those countries. The course is taught using a variety of methods to enhance learning and understanding.
Prerequisite: German for Travelers or basic knowledge of German is recommended. This course will focus on expanding essential vocabulary and phrases used for traveling in German speaking countries.
This introduction to the Italian language and culture is great for travelers interested in learning practical communication skills and grammar.
This class will focus on the new beginning learner to the Japanese language and culture. Classes will include reading and writing Hiragana/Katakana letters, mastering simple useful phrases and learning about Japanese culture.
The Beginner I course is designed to introduce students to the everyday language of Japan. Lessons will be organized around natural conversational topics, leading students from fundamental aspects of grammar to readings in simple texts along with basic writing.
Prerequisite: Must have completed Basic Japanese Beginner I. Must have studied the Japanese language more than one year. This class is designed to be completed in one year September through June. A focus of this course will be to develop Japanese language proficiency and knowledge through grammatical and practical learning and activities in order to be able to carry on basic conversations with Japanese native speakers.
This course is designed for those adults who seek to learn communicative skills in Korean and a basic understanding of the cultures and customs of Korea. For more information, please contact Hangeul Korea at KoreanSaturdaySchool@gmail.com.
This course is designed for those adults who seek to learn communicative skills in Korean and a basic understanding of the cultures and customs of Korea. For more information, please contact Hangeul Korea at KoreanSaturdaySchool@gmail.com
Planning a trip to a Spanish speaking location? This class will familiarize you with vocabulary you will need while traveling. Practical conversation skills including directions, maps, greetings, culture (what not to do), numbers, money and more will be covered.
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of ExcelŽ. ExcelŽ 2016 includes a range of features that enable you to automate a wide variety of workbook tasks.
Bridges to Education and Careers is a program for students with intellectual disabilities who have completed high school and are ready to make the transition to college. Students will learn personal and professional development to enhance daily living in this life-skills course.
It's never too early to start planning for your retirement. Financial planning topics will include information on building enough wealth to retire, increasing your retirement income, risk management, estate planning and exploring lifestyle options.
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of ExcelŽ. This course will help you develop the ability to create the advanced functions and formulas you need to perform complex calculations in ExcelŽ.
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of ExcelŽ. This course will help you interpret your ExcelŽ data and organize it to create charts and graphs. It will enable you to show your data in a more visually appealing way.
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of ExcelŽ. To gain a truly competitive edge, you need to be able to extract actionable organizational intelligence from your raw data. In other words, when you have questions about your data, you need to know how to get ExcelŽ to provide the answers for you.