Pharmacy technicians assist and support licensed pharmacists in providing healthcare to patients. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive access to the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE) practice tests to help you study for your certification exam.

March 25, 2024 to July 8, 2024, Online Course
Medical Billing and Coding is an ideal program for students new to a medical career. If you're seeking entry into the healthcare industry, this comprehensive program will provide you with all of the information you need to earn a certification of medical billing and coding.

March 7, 2024 to July 11, 2024, Online Course
Gain the skills needed to plan and design successful corporate events. Learn how to execute a successful corporate event and how to set budgets and charge for event planning services.

March 11, 2024 to June 17, 2024, Online Course
Learn everything you need to know to be successful in the nonprofit sector. Further the ideals and goals of your nonprofit by learning to compete more effectively for members, media attention, donors, clients, and volunteers. Learn to prepare grant proposals that get solid results for your organization or charity.

March 13, 2024 to June 19, 2024, Online Course
In this online course, you will train for a career as a paralegal. You will learn how to fulfill the standard duties associated with this vital role. After completing this course, you will be prepared to sit for and pass the Certified Paralegal (CP) exam.

April 18, 2024 to September 12, 2024, Online Course
In this comprehensive training course, you'll master skills that open doors to the growing video game industry. By the end of the course, you will have designed and created your own video game for the PC and will stand ready to join a team working on projects with larger scope or pursue independent development.

April 22, 2024 to July 22, 2024, Online Course
This training course provides you with the knowledge and understanding necessary to prepare for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certification exam to become an effective personal trainer.

March 11, 2024 to September 9, 2024, Online Course
CompTIA's A+ certification is the top credential for associate-level IT professionals. This 100% online course will prepare you for CompTIAA+ certification exams 220-1001 and 220-1002. You'll learn how to install and configure operating systems, expand IT security, troubleshoot software and other common operational procedures.

May 7, 2024 to October 29, 2024, Online Course
CompTIA calls the A+, Network+ and Security+ sequence a "stacked" credential that validates baseline skills in the three disciplines: devices, networks, and security. Each individual certification is considered an independent signal of competence in the area it addresses.

April 25, 2024 to March 27, 2025, Online Course
Front-end developers strike a balance between art and science, combining code - HTML, CSS, and Javascript - with visual design principles to create a great user experience. This 100% online course will put you on the fast track to starting an entry-level career as a front-end web developer. By course completion, you'll put your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills to practice building the front-end of a website for your professional portfolio.

March 19, 2024 to September 26, 2024, Online Course