Course Detail: PER225 - Birding Your Yard

What steps can we take to invite native birds into our outdoor spaces?

Birds are an integral part of any garden or natural space. In today's ever changing landscapes, bird-friendly spaces are becoming few and far between. This workshop will offer an overview of the life cycles of many of our Indiana birds and provide you with eco-friendly tools and techniques to enhance your gardens to draw them into your outdoor spaces, from nestlings to adults, in all seasons.

Student Testimonials:

"The instructor really dove into the fine details of promoting healthy ecosystems within your yard to encourage more biodiversity, not just for birds." - Former Student

"The teacher had a lot of information for each topic including links for where to reach out for certain products and services. It (the presentation) was so nicely set-up and organized." - Former Student

Marissa Renz is the owner of Plant Happiness LLC, a garden consultation and design company located in Fort Wayne. After receiving her B.S. in Public Policy, Environmental Affairs, she received training in the Purdue Extension Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, and Urban Agriculture programs.  In 2023, she completed the Oregon State University Professional Permaculture Design Program. In the last decade, Marissa has worked in property management, provided designs and installations for clients, permaculture, community education, and organic market gardening.  Marissa's research of plants and garden design focuses on creating visually appealing outdoor spaces that also operate as balanced and functional ecosystems.

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