Instructor: James Hollifield

James Hollifield
Biography: Ora Nixon Arnold Professor of International Political Economy in the Department of Political Science, SMUDirector of the Tower Center at SMUWars, instability, poverty, and desperation mean that forced migration and human displacement touch every corner of the globe, including the US southern border. How can liberal democracies like the United States balance the need for security with their commitment to protecting the human rights of refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants? In this lecture, Dr. James Hollifield will provide an overview of the global migration crisis, addressing the dilemmas of migration governance, and assessing the role of the U.S. in confronting the challenges of human displacement and forced migration.James F. Hollifield is Ora Nixon Arnold Professor of International Political Economy in the Department of Political Science, and Director of the Tower Center at SMU. He also is a Global Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center in Washington, DC and a member of the New York Council on Foreign Relations. Hollifield is a scholar of international and comparative political economy, and he has written widely on issues of political and economic development, with a focus on migration. In addition to many scientific articles, his major books are Immigrants, Markets and States (Harvard UP 1992), L'Immigration et l'Etat Nation (L'Harmattan 1997), Pathways to Democracy (Routledge, 2000), Migration, Trade and Development (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas 2009), Herausforderung Migration- Perspektiven der vergleichenden Politikwissenschaft (Lit Verlag 2006), and more recently Understanding Global Migration (Stanford UP 2022) and Controlling Immigration 4th edition (Stanford UP 2022), Migration Theory 4th edition (Routledge 2023), and International Political Economy: History, Theory and Policy (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming). Hollifield has served as an advisor for governments around the world and for many international organizations on matters of migration and human and economic development. In 2016, Hollifield received a Distinguished Scholar Award from the International Studies Association. In 2021-22 he was named as a Fellow of the French Institute for Advanced Studies in Paris, and in 2023 he received a Career Achievement Award from the American Political Science Association.

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