This consultation covers how to improve the overall look of your digital presence, building your audience and more to address your business-specific needs.
This private, one-on-one session is designed to help with digital training for your website, advertising, special projects, or marketing needs.
This workshop introduces you to trends and techniques for the various Social Media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.
This certificate program consists of three one-month courses: Improving Email Promotions, Boosting Your Web Site Traffic, and Online Advertising
Learn how to improve your email promotion and responses with tracking and testing.
This certificate program consists of three one-month courses: Introduction to Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Advanced Inbound Marketing.
In this course you will discover how to attract customers to your site, what kind of content to share with them, how to use landing pages and forms to collect names and email addresses, and how to implement lead-nurturing campaigns that result in sales.
After this course, you will be better equipped to create your own content marketing strategy and create a content-rich website that exceeds the needs of your visitors.
Get under the hood of inbound marketing and learn how to monitor, measure, and manage the integrated results of your inbound marketing activities at a more advanced level.
This certificate program consists of three one-month courses: Twitter, Facebook for Business, and LinkedIn for Business.
Learn the best way to take advantage of the unique opportunities Twitter offers.
Find out what goes on behind the scenes on Facebook Pages and how to increase the chances that your message is seen and acted on.
This class will cover all the intricacies of LinkedIn to help you create, customize, and optimize your presence on LinkedIn.
This certificate program consists of three one-month courses: Introduction to Social Media, Marketing Using Social Media, and Integrating Social Media in Your Organization.
Learn what social networks are and their role in your business and personal life.
Develop a two-way communication and marketing strategy for your organization using social networks.
Come away with a practical strategy and techniques for implementing social networks for your organization or business
This certificate program consists of two one-month courses: Video Marketing and YouTube for Business
Discover how to use simple online video to quickly bond with your viewers, drive traffic to your website, boost business and build brand awareness.
Learn proven strategies and techniques for making YouTube work successfully for your organization.
This course, aimed at non-technical users, will take you through all the key techniques concerning website analytics using the world-standard Google Analytics, a free online tool.
Learn how to take your business or hobby and turn it into a podcast.
Whether you are at the beginning of your design interests or work with the tools often and are looking for interesting ways to professionally enhance your design skill set, we can tailor the private session to your design needs.