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IT, GIS & Coding

The School of Professional & Continuing Studies offers classes and programs focused on broadly on information technology, including networks, computer technology and digital information services.

Our classes and programs cover building and maintaining digital networks, including network management and security; computer technologies, including hardware and software; and digital information services including coding and development.

We also focus on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and their use and implementation across multiple fields.

GIS Professional Certificate

The GIS Professional Certificate program consists of two core requirements — the GIS Fundamentals Certificate & the GIS Advanced Certificate — one elective and the portfolio studio. Completing the GIS Professional Certificate will position graduates to sit for the Esri ArcGIS Desktop Entry certification.

UR Coding Boot Camp

Our Coding Boot Camp offers a 24-week full stack classroom-based training program that prepares students to become web developers.

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Our GIS Advanced Certificate is designed for professionals who wish to enter the field of GIS or significantly boost their GIS skillset. The 12-week program provides a solid background in advanced topics of geography extending beyond the basics of GIS and starts to explore the possibilities of spatial analysis. You'll leave the certificate program with advanced knowledge in ArcGIS Pro GIS software and best practices for utilizing it in your field.

Every week on Wednesday, starting on 06/05/19 and ending on 08/21/19
Coding is becoming one of the most in-demand skills in the workplace today. As a result, coding has become a core skill that bolsters one's chances for becoming a higher value to organizations. The highest demand is for programming languages with broad applicability. You will learn the relationship between these two industry-standard web page coding languages and the step by step process of hand coding and building web pages.

Online, starting on 09/03/19 and ending on 11/29/19
This certificate consists of three classes: Website Setup, WordPress Fundamentals, and Advanced WordPress.

Online, starting on 09/03/19 and ending on 11/29/19
This course includes two classes: Introduction to Game Design and Intermediate Video Game Design.

Online, starting on 09/03/19 and ending on 11/01/19
Certificate consists of three one-month courses: Web Design, Intermediate Web Design, and Advanced Web Design.

Online, starting on 09/03/19 and ending on 11/29/19
3D printing has been hailed as the solution to all manufacturing problems. Obviously that is exaggerated, but what is it good for, and when is traditional manufacturing still the better choice? In this course you will learn how to separate the real promise of the technology from the hype. Become familiar with objects available to print, and get a bit of experience with free or open-source software.

Online, starting on 09/03/19 and ending on 09/27/19
The certificate program is designed for professionals who wish to begin entering the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or who wish to add fundamental GIS knowledge to their existing skillset.

Every week on Wednesday, starting on 09/04/19 and ending on 12/11/19
This intro level Excel course will cover entering and editing data and formulas, formatting spreadsheets, creating charts, and working with multiple worksheets in a workbook.

This course contains no sessions

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