The certificate program is designed for professionals who wish to begin entering the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or who wish to add fundamental GIS knowledge to their existing skillset.
This course is intended for anyone who wants to explore the basic tools and features of InDesign for creating professional page layout and designs.
This intro level Excel course will cover entering and editing data and formulas, formatting spreadsheets, creating charts, and working with multiple worksheets in a workbook.
This class will give you the tools to create and edit information in your workbooks to produce strong presentations and calculations of your data.
In this course you will learn different tools and features available in Photoshop to help you maximize your creative potential.
This course will provide students with a deeper understanding of Adobe Photoshop. Students will explore was to manipulate text, layers, channels, brushes and selections.
This course includes two classes: Introduction to Game Design and Intermediate Video Game Design.
This course provides a general introduction to what goes into the design and development of both video and analog games, with a particular focus on the use of games outside of consumer entertainment.
Learn the basics of video game design process, learn about the main video game genres, and use a game development application to begin your journey of making games.
Certificate consists of three one-month courses: Web Design, Intermediate Web Design, and Advanced Web Design.
Learn how to create effective and dynamic websites and applications.
Upon completion of this course, you will have a thorough knowledge of web design and development.
The three classes are Website Setup, WordPress Fundamentals, and Advanced WordPress.
Learn how to separate the real promise of the technology from the hype, and understand the workflow for a consumer-level 3D printer.
This course will introduce you to the basics of computer programming and various programming languages. You will then go to the next level and acquire all the basics of HTML and CSS.