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Politics & Government Affairs

The School of Professional & Continuing Studies offers classes and programs focused on introducing students to managing political campaigns, organizing grassroots efforts toward political advocacy and understanding the history and functions of government and politics.

Our classes and programs cover such topics as managing a political campaign, organizing grassroots support and understanding Virginia politics at the state and local levels of governing.

Specialty Programs

We offer the Political Campaign Management and Grassroots Lobbying & Advocacy professional certificate programs prepare organizers, activists, and operatives to manage political campaigns and grassroots advocacy efforts.


Class meetings total 30 contact hours, with weekly class meetings on Tuesday & Thursday evenings. Students who successfully complete the program will receive a Professional Certificate in Grassroots Lobbying & Advocacy from the University of Richmond, and will earn 30 professional hours (equivalent to 3 CEUs) that can be applied to professional development goals.

Every week on Tuesday and Thursday, starting on 09/10/24 and ending on 11/14/24 (excluding 10/31/24, 11/05/24)
Virginia Government and Politics covers the structures, operation, unique political history and some of the historic figures that helped shape the modern Commonwealth. The class will be conducted through a combination of weekly video lectures and a weekly virtual meetings.

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