This course is designed for those who are new to meditation or those who would like to enhance their meditation skills. By learning how to meditate successfully, you will be able to better manage the everyday stresses that come into your life and move beyond any blocks that keep you stuck in old patterns of thinking and behavior. By learning to calm the mind, harmony and wholeness in your life can be enhanced and specific goals can be met. There will be many guided meditations throughout the class. In addition, you will receive two meditation CDs that will help you achieve even deeper levels of relaxation. Course designed for ages 18 and older.
This class will focus on a broad array of advanced topics for those who already understand the basics of meditation. Some of the advanced topics that will be covered include: Exploring your dreams and their meaning; automatic writing; healing and finding one's life purpose; removing blockages to success; awakening without an alarm clock; techniques to find the best solution to a given problem you may be grappling with; sending energy and communicating telepathically with another person; and many others. There will be many guided meditations throughout the class. Experience with meditation is a prerequisite or having attended Meditation I or an equivalent course. Course designed for ages 18 and older.
Turn stress into a stepping stone, not a stumbling block!
This course is designed to educate individuals in the science of nutrition and its role in health and weight management and to provide the necessary tools to build a solid foundation for sound nutrition practice.
Start an exciting fitness career and become a Certified Personal Trainer. Our personal trainer course combines in-class learning with practical labs to prepare you for a career in fitness. Also includes the option to complete an employer internship that can walk you into jobs!
WFA is a foundational first aid course, perfect for weekend adventurers who want a thorough understanding of the first aid basics needed to address emergencies in the outdoors an hour or more from medical help