Beer Recipe Formulation combines scientific formulas, raw material choices, equipment, and creativity in a course that explains the necessary steps to build and brew a successful beer recipe. Must be 21 to participate.
The course will examine barrel parts, how oak effects beer flavor, the processes of filling and emptying barrels, aging techniques, and care for barrels and the beers within. Must be 21 to participate.
This course will take students through the brewing process from milling grain to kegging the final product. Students will learn the fundamentals of brewing through this hands-on workshop.
An overview of Mead - its origins and history; types of mead; ingredients, honey and bees; the fermentation process.
This certificate will teach students how to properly maintain draught systems for craft beer. Great for restaurant professionals and front of house managers. Must be 21 to participate.
Mixed Fermentation Brewing will examine the use of multiple yeast and bacteria cultures in beer fermentation. Must be 21 to participate.