Explore a fun and educational weekend of learning and practicing special topics in public speaking and presentation skills. This is a wonderful opportunity to improve your communication abilities and develop your confidence in speaking during your time in the US. A variety of written and oral activities are planned for on campus sessions. Course fee includes materials and certificate of completion.
In this course you will learn about proper eye contact, use of pauses, vocal tools (pace/volume/inflection), movement, body language, posture, gestures and facial expressions so that you can deliver your message to a group in the most clear, concise and compelling ways.
Join us in this fun, interactive half-day workshop where you will learn how to connect with an audience, inspire a movie in the listeners' minds, create anticipation in your message, become interesting and energetic in your delivery, and design the story to match any situation.
This certificate program consists of three courses: Business Writing, Effective Copywriting, and Writing News and Press Releases.
Learn the key techniques you need to develop and hone your business writing communication effectively and successfully.
This course will help you to develop the tools and techniques you need to improve your copywriting skills and learn how to avoid common writing mistakes.
Discover the skills good journalists have and learn how to craft a news story, press release or publicity notice that will get attention.
This certificate program consists of two courses: Designing Successful Webinars and Managing & Marketing Webinars.
Discover the power of successful webinars for your business organization, then learn the four key strategies to make your own webinars more successful
Boost your success with webinars by getting the most advanced and latest information on managing and marketing webinars.
This certificate program consists of three one-month courses: Infographics, Photoshop for Presentations, and Graphic Design for Visual Presentations.
This course will expose you to a powerful, concise way to present information.
Acquire the skills needed to navigate an extensive list of Photoshop features.
Learn the skills needed to create an effective and beautiful visual presentation on any presentation software program that you choose.
This certificate program consists of three courses: Conflict Management, Negotiation - Get What You Want, and Using Personality Profiles for Better Work Performance.
Discover a workable conflict management model, discuss case studies in conflict management, and then take away successful conflict management strategies to apply in your workplace.
Knowing strategies to clarify what you want and how to prioritize your needs will ensure that you get more of what's essential.
Learn how to improve your communication with others, convey your ideas effectively, and improve your ability to understand what is important to those who don't share your same style
At the heart of every successful annual fund, there is a thriving direct marketing campaign with a heavy focus on direct mail. This course will cover all aspects of coordinating and implementing an effective direct marketing campaign for your nonprofit organization.
Constructing a compelling visual communications vehicle for your nonprofit is essential to a successful marketing campaign. Learn how to develop a creative brief for ideas, sharpen your interview skills to get the perfect sound bite, and plan for pre-production, production and post-production. This class focuses on assessment of needs, goals, strategies, budget and timing for your video projects, along with developing video strategies for your website and social media.
Communications professionals worldwide recognize the Internet has forever changed how we manage marketing and communications strategies for our organizations. Learn the importance of listening first to your audiences and dive into how to begin that listening in order to prioritize channels, time, and money. We will explore what recent consumer, generational and business trends are shaping our communications and what nonprofit organizations need to know about the opportunities and challenges they face in an increasingly digital world.
All writing aims to persuade. That's the underlying principle of this workshop. While your written communication certainly lets people know about the mission and vision of your organization, as well as the success you've achieved serving your constituents, your ultimate goal is to convince donors and prospects to offer volunteer and financial support. Every word, picture, and nuance must work together to create a message that's compelling, credible, and convincing.

In this course, we'll work together to define your audiences and discern what motivates them to contribute their time and money to your nonprofit. We'll then discuss the various devices you can use to engage them and how each can be tailored to a specific format, from grants and brochures to web sites and social media. With a stronger awareness of who you're trying to reach and how to cast your message, we'll evaluate your current communications with the entire class. Looking at your marketing and fundraising material with a fresh eye will enable you to revise and articulate your story in ways that inspire generous giving and support.

Newly redesigned! Strategic Communication for Nonprofits helps you develop the analytical insight and professional skills you need to elevate public awareness about your nonprofit and generate financial support for its mission. Formerly known as the Strategic Marketing & Communications for Nonprofit Institute, this week-long program has been redesigned based on input from students and industry leaders to focus on strategies that drive marketing and communication campaigns and determine the deliverables required to engage prospects.