NEW! In this introductory bookbinding course, students will be introduced to the tools of the trade and learn several codex and folded book forms, including single-section sewn bindings, creative folds, and a multi-section Coptic binding. Students will come away with a new book every week. No previous bookbinding experience necessary. Fee includes all materials.
In this course you will learn color theory to produce beautiful rooms for any interior.
Learn the techniques to produce beautiful curb appeal for any home. We will explore walkways, doors, shrubs, lawns, screen porches, patios and lighting.
NEW! Does that thought of painting a portrait cause you great anxiety? Look no further; in this brand new course you will learn how to paint the human face - feature by feature. Each week Doug will demonstrate how to paint a specific facial component: eyes, ears, nose, mouth/teeth, etc. Artists will then practice painting that same feature using the skills and techniques demonstrated. During this course you will complete one portrait either from an image of your choosing or by using a photo reference provided. You will learn how to mix beautiful and luminous skin color for a variety of ethnicities. Join us for an energetic and educational program sure to improve your skills and produce impressive results! No prior experience is necessary; course is designed for ages 18+.
NEW! Explore the colorful life and art of Frida Kahlo, an exceptional woman determined to create an unforgettable life. Journey into a lasting tribute to an artist who fearlessly explored the female mind with imagination to demonstrate that love amplifies lasting beauty. Students will explore the intriguing art of portraiture and inspire bold self portraits using personal elements of interest to make unique personal statements. Drawing skills are not needed, and all skill levels are welcome. Art materials included.
This class will offer students an opportunity to create beautiful rooms by mastering color coordination, fabric choices, textures, lighting, and overall visual harmony. Furniture arrangement will also be explored as you work with templates guided by a professional interior decorator.
The Interior Decorating Certification Program will equip students with industry skills and knowledge to begin a career in the Interior decorating field.
NEW! This film was selected in 2005 for preservation in the U.S. National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant." Explore the gift of hope and magic of Santa Claus through the eyes of a child and her uptight, overworked single mom. Enjoy scenes from the bygone era of the department store shopping and a 1947 Macy's Day Parade. Using watercolor, students will create their own version of Santa Claus in holiday gala, design a department store window and compose a greeting card. No art experience required; open to all levels. Art materials included.
Our Gauguin Art Weekend introduces this artist's unique work and begins an exploration of your own artistic abilities! No experience is necessary for this weekend; all levels of skill welcome. Art materials included.
NEW! Go beyond the Advanced DSLR workshop and challenge and expand your creative and technical knowledge and skills in this collaborative, participant driven Master Class. Each class meeting will include location/studio photography and in-class discussion. Weekly assignments will be shared with the class and critiqued. You will experience night and low-light photography, studio set-up, on-and-off camera flash, advanced composition, high ISO and large aperture, shooting in manual mode, macro photography, creating and maximizing light, manual white balance, action and motion, black and white, portrait photography, light painting, and more! Each participant will create a portfolio of his/her photographs taken during the workshop. Bring your camera and lenses to the first meeting. Required equipment: DSLR camera capable of at least ISO 3200 (6400 is ideal), at least one lens with 2.8 or larger constant aperture, sturdy tripod, working knowledge of all of your camera settings. Suggested equipment: speed-light, macro lens, or macro extension tubes.
It's all about light! Whether you are new to digital photography, or an experienced photographer ready to explore all the features of your DSLR camera, this course is just right for you. This participant-driven, collaborative workshop features hands-on instruction, weekly assignments, and photography on or near campus, along with classroom time for discussion, introduction of new topics, and the review and critique of participants' photographs each week. Weekly photography opportunities may include: sunset on the James River, light-painting, a visit to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, indoor and flash photography, studio photography, sports and action, performance, landscape, and architecture. Hands-on instruction will include: shooting in Aperature, Shutter (Tv) and Manual modes, the exposure triangle, the creative triangle, white balance, metering, depth of field, exposure compensation, composition, focus modes, and more! The emphasis of this workshop is all about the photograph, the photographer, your camera, and light (rather than editing and digital imaging). Course designed for ages 18 and older.
In this class students learn how to master sketching rooms and scale drawings for designing and decorating interior spaces.
Explore how to start your small business for selling antiques.
In this course, you will develop skills to identify and accentuate a home's most positive features and downplay the negative aspects of a home to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible.
In this course, you will learn what every decorator needs to know in order to save yourself, and your client, time and money.
NEW! Explore the rhythm of creating vibrant watercolors in easy steps and gain enjoyable confidence with each lively warm-up exercise. Techniques for controlling the paint to build layers of depth and beauty will be explored and students can expect to complete one to two finished works. Painting fundamentals and tools for composing successful paintings will be introduced; setting up a palette, mixing paint, and the basics of color theory. This is an excellent first class for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced participant. (Modest materials list suggested. Email with questions to: