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Sustainability & Environment

The School of Professional & Continuing Studies offers classes and programs that teach and encourage sustainable living, ecological stewardship and environmental leadership.

Our classes and programs enable professionals and do-it-yourself-ers to learn and lead by implementing sustainable design and practices in their everyday lives.

Permaculture Design Certificate

The Permaculture Design Certificate program, offered in partnership with the Shenandoah Permaculture Institute, is designed for those seeking to build a more sustainable community in their backyard, their neighborhood or their city.

Sustainability & Social Impact

In partnership with GVI, UR Impact Academy is an immersive, career-oriented program that provides coursework and immersive international fieldwork experiences in sustainable development.


This certificate will teach you sustainable designs and techniques to build a more sustainable community in your backyard, your neighborhood, and your city. Learn important techniques and strategies for permaculture implementation, including regenerative agriculture, forest gardening, soil building, earthworks, water management, urban permaculture, herbal medicine, and much more.

March 15-17, April 6-7, April 20-21 & May 18-19, 2024 , TBD - UR Campus
A sustainable business is one that generates profits for its owners, protects the environment, and improves the lives of the people with whom it interacts.

Open enrollment, enroll anytime.
This course reviews the measurement of sustainable management practices and performance.

Open enrollment, enroll anytime.
With the growing frequency of extreme weather, the need for a rigorous understanding of the forecast when weather threatens has never been greater. This course prepares participants with best-practices for critical decision making and safety planning for extreme and severe winter weather.

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Permaculture is a set of design principles centered on natural systems thinking, simulating the patterns and resilient features observed in natural ecosystems. It uses these principles in a growing number of fields from regenerative agriculture, rewilding, and community resilience. In this course, students will learn and begin to apply the fundamental principles of permaculture. Class includes a field experience with a discussion on plant succession followed by hands-on observational walk.

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