Instructor: Allison Carver

Allison Carver
Biography: Allison Carver has been an entrepreneur since 2010 and owns her own small business, A Taste of Therapy, LLC. She worked as a licensed mental health therapist and nationally certified counselor in various outpatient settings. She specialized her professional work toward working with couples and young adults, helping them to find balance, to communicate better, and to better manage the various stressors in their lives. She has always enjoyed cooking and the relaxation it brought to her. In 2010, she got the idea to combine her two passions, therapy and cooking. This unique twist on traditional therapy has brought her many years of entrepreneurial success.

In 2013, Carver wrote an Amazon best-selling book, Cooking Therapy: The Recipe for Improving Communication with Your Children Through Cooking, focused on the importance of families eating and cooking dinner together. Through recipes, anecdotes, and therapeutic tips, Carver mapped out a way to reinvent the family mealtime by bringing everyone together before and during a meal. It is that time at the dinner table and the act of cooking together that she believes is the secret to improving communication in the family. She has been featured on the CBS 6 "Virginia This Morning" show as well in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. In 2017, she launched her first product with an at home date night kit membership for couples called "Cook In." 

Carver is passionate about helping others live their best lives. She is creative, driven, and an excellent communicator. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from The Pennsylvania State University and her Master of Education and Educational Specialist degree from The University of Virginia. 

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