Course detail: VICE - Midwest Vice Investigators Summit

The Summit is  an investigator led training event designed to exchange best practices, emerging trends, and investigative strategies related to human trafficking, commercial sex, and gambling. Investigators, analysts, and prosecutors are welcome. Attendees will develop professional connections in investigative units all over the United States.  

Itinerary for Travel and Training Certification


0800-0830          Registration

0830-0900            Invocation Welcome

0900-0950          Introductions and Intelligence Sharing,by Region

0950-1000           BREAK

1000-1045            Case Study - Human Trafficking Investigation

1045-1100             BREAK

1100-1130              Investigative Capabilities Update with Private Industry Expert

1130-1200             Case Study - Human Trafficking Investigation

1200-1300            Working Lunch On-site

1300-1700          BREAKOUT #1 - Vice 101

       A guided tour of the basic techniques and operational  designs to address vice crimes and moral offense complaints. Addresses ethical concerns, use of  online resources, undercover operations, exemplar videos and audio,and recommended equipment. Focus is on small unit tactics for new investigators, smaller agencies without a dedicated vice capability, and prosecutors.


    BREAKOUT #2 - Vice 201

  Advanced tactics and investigative strategies for supervisors and seasoned officers. Topics include advanced investigative techniques like Title III GPS, running reverses, complex conspiracies, selecting and training UCs,  managing informants, seizure/forfeiture, andbackstopping UC identities.


DAY 2 

0800-0950           Case Study- Massage Parlor Investigation

0950-1000            BREAK

0900-1050            Case Study - Gambling/ Public Corruption

1050-1000             BREAK

1000-1045             V1c3H@ck1.0

1045-1100              BREAK

1100-1130              V1c3H@ck1.0

1130-1200              DEBRIEF & ADJOURN

Questions regarding The Summit can be directed to Wichita Police Department Vice Sergeant Dan Oblinger ( or Oklahoma City Police Department Vice Sergeant Doug Kimberlin (



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