Course detail: Trial Preparation, Testimony, and Prosecution Strategy

Course Description 

Testifying successfully as a witness requires that personnel know how to communicate information to the court and to juries in response to open-ended and closed-ended questions in a way that is precise, objective, and credible. Students will learn how to prepare themselves and their cases to give testimony in a hearing or at trial. Students will also learn through hands-on exercises and role-playing strategies they can use to communicate in a clear and compelling way while testifying. 


Participants will introduce public safety officers and other agency personnel to the information and skills necessary to testify effectively at depositions, court hearings, and trials. 

Course Objectives: 

  • Describe and discuss the role of the witness and the different types of witnesses
  • List the various ways a witness can prepare before giving testimony in a case 
  • Using precise language, respond effectively to open-ended and closed-ended questions
  • Describe the importance of dress, demeanor, and body language when testifying 
  • Identify ways in which the witness's credibility and objectivity can be threatened 
  • Recognize and avoid objectionable testimony including hearsay, speculation, and testimony that lacks foundation 

 Instructional Methods 

  • Lecture and guided discussions 
  • Role-playing exercises 

 Who Should Attend 

  • Sworn and paid public safety officers, volunteer law enforcement auxiliary members, and agency support personnel such as records custodians and evidence technicians

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