Course detail: Investigating Physical and Sexual Abuse of Elder and Dependent Adults

Course Description:

As first responders, police officers often have access to the most isolated individuals, including those who are older persons. Police officers are often an important gateway for older citizens to the community health and social services network. They are called upon to respond to various elder abuse situations, both at home and in senior living centers. First responders play a key role in investigating or preventing crimes against older citizens and dependent adults. However, the detection and assessment of this population is not systematic. 

Understanding the complex dynamics, nuances, and warning signs of elder abuse and dependent adults is vital for officers to help protect some of our most vulnerable community members and to add elder and dependent adult abuse as a priority for the law enforcement community. The goal of these training sessions is to present information regarding the complexities of abuse and how law enforcement agencies and their partners can effectively respond to older and dependent victims.

Core Competency:
  • In this three-hour introductory training, participants will identify the necessary and essential components for effective physical and sexual abuse investigations of elder and dependent adults.  
Course Objectives:
  • Describe common victim and perpetrator characteristics of physical and/or sexual abuse.
  • Identify and discuss the indications of physical and/or sexual abuse.
  • Discuss the primary components of a physical and/or sexual abuse investigation, including witnesses and types of information that is to be obtained. 
  • Identify the common challenges encountered during a physical and/or sexual abuse investigation and discuss strategies for overcoming challenges.
Instructional Methods:
  • Lecture
  • Video 
  • Group Discussion
Who Should Attend:
  • Open to LEO Only
Course Requirements:
  • 100% Attendance and Participation

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