Course detail: RFFR - Resiliency in Public Safety

This course will give first responders the information and tools to develop the capacity to recover from difficulties associated with responding to both common and extreme situations in their public service. Often the toll of the mental, physical and emotional burdens can have long reaching and life changing effects in the workplace and at home. Through lecture, demonstration and hands on exercises students will explore strategies that can have positive benefits at work and at home. 

Core Competencies:
  • Students will develop their own resiliency which will allow them to deal with difficult situations in a positive way in every facet of their lives.
Course Objectives:
  • Examine and discuss what is a "Professional Quality of Life" and how burnout, compassion, secondary trauma and compassion fatigue effect the first responder.
  • Explain Secondary Trauma and examine its role in First Responder stress, emotional fatigue, health issues and suicide.
  • Identify and interpret how stress and emotional trauma affect the mind and body.
  • Define Hyper-vigilance and apprise its affect on the first responder.
  • Examine and formulate strategies to create mind body connection and build resilience.
  • Identify the need and create strategies for self-care.

Instructional Methods:
  • Instructor presentation 
  • Instructor led group discussion
  • Self-assessment group exercise
  • Group exercise
  • Instructor led self-planning exercise 

Who Should Attend:
  • All First Responders and those who support them!!
Course Requirements:
  • 100% attendance and participation

Available sessions