Course detail: KPAS - Kansas Police Administrators' Seminar

The Kansas Police Administrators' Seminar(KPAS) is designed for new chiefs and department administrators and senior officers and supervisors who are preparing themselves for chief or other upper level police administrative positions. KPAS provides instruction in the "basics" of managing a police department and its employees, with real world problems and decision-making that a chief of police confronts daily. The subjects discussed are not the usual law enforcement subjects. As a chief or administrator of a police department use everything you know to do your job. KPAS is designed to add to that experience and knowledge base to help you do your job better.

KPAS Topic List
  • Perspectives on Executive Leadership
  • Training and Risk Mitigation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Current Legal Issues
  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Wellness and Stress Management
  • And much more . . .
The session will be each Thursday in July, beginning July 9th from 0800-1700 through the Zoom Virtual Training Platform.    The cost for this year's seminar is $150 per person and will include all course materials.  Those who are interested in attending must complete the application  and submit the required information by June 22, 2020.  Online registrations are not available for this course.  Click the PDF below to download.  Once all applicants have been selected, an invoice will be emailed.  Question regarding the course can be directed to Heather Buller at or at 620-694-1537.

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Course Resources
KPAS 2020 Application (PDF Document)
2020 KPAS Schedule (PDF Document)

Available sessions