Course detail: Investigating and Prosecuting DUI Related Fatalities

Course Description: 

As traffic fatalities continue to increase, the need for effective prosecutions and investigations have never been more important. A healthy working relationship between law enforcement and prosecutors is vital to the goal of justice. For officers, trial preparation begins at the scene. Providing the evidence your prosecutor will need to reach a charging decision and to obtain a conviction is critical. For prosecutors, providing support and training to your officers will yield better cases and results. Working together, prosecutors and officers can lead the way to making a difference in their community to help reduce the number of these terrible crimes and to hold the offenders accountable. 

This course will provide an opportunity for officers and prosecutors to learn side by side about vehicular fatality investigations and prosecutions as well as trial and courtroom preparation, search warrant practices, the benefits of a team approach and the statutes involving vehicular fatalities. 

Core Competencies: 
  • Participants will employ best practices as they investigate any crime from its beginning to its eventual disposition; either as an individual, or as part of an investigatory team. 
Instructional Methods: 
  • Lecture 
  • Discussion 
  • Video 
Who Should Attend: 
  • Law Enforcement Officers 
  • Prosecutors 
Course Requirements: 
  • 100% Attendance

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