Course detail: ALFUO - Alternative Lethal Force for Officers: Knife Defense


This course will familiarize the officer, either off-duty or undercover officers, with selection, carry and use of a knife when, a firearm cannot be worn or is positioned in such a way it cannot be quickly deployed. The legal, policy and use of force considerations of knife use by law enforcement will be examined to provide a framework for officers to decide the relevance of this ancient tool to the unique needs of the modern law enforcement officer.  

  • The student will evaluate the knife's role in law enforcement from an operational and legal perspective with a consideration of state law, federal law and department policy. 
  • The student will identify features of a good "police use" knife and demonstrate general safe knife handling skills. 
  • Students will analyze various knife draws and grips to assess which techniques work for them and their equipment.
  • Students will conduct exercises to allow them to identify and differentiate various angles when both using and defending against the knife. 
  • Students will be able to recognize the speed, time and distance between themselves and an attacker as related to deploying their knife or defending against an edged weapon attack. 
  • Students will employ methods of integrating empty hand and police duty knife skills.
Instructional Methods:
  • Lecture
  • Hands-On Exercises
Who Should Attend:
  • Law Enforcement
Course Requirements:
  • 100 % participation

Available sessions