Course detail: Trauma Informed Interviews - Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victims

Course Description: 
This course focuses on Trauma-Informed Interviews of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victims. Domestic violence and sexual assault are two of the most complex crimes we are called upon to respond to and investigate. 
The complexities of these crimes and the impacts of trauma on a victim require us to be better informed and to think broadly and comprehensively during our response and/or investigation.
This course will help you examine rape myths and the potential for bias to impact investigations of domestic violence and sexual assault; teach you about how the brain and body react to trauma, and the impact of trauma on memory; help you understand how victim trauma can impact the response, investigation, and prosecution of domestic violence and sexual assault; help you understand offender behaviors; and provide guidance for developing trauma informed interview strategies that capture the evidence necessary to enable a successful prosecution. 

Core Competencies:

  • Participants will employ best practices as they investigate any crime from its beginning to its eventual disposition; either as an individual, or as part of an investigatory team.

Course Objectives: 
  • Participants providing service to domestic violence and/or sexual assault victims will recognize and understand victim trauma.
  • Participants will gain knowledge on effective approaches and interview skills to enhance response, investigations and prosecutions.

Who Should Attend:  
  • Law Enforcement Officers - regardless of rank or assignment 
  • Prosecutors 
  • Victim Advocates 
  • Forensic Lab Personnel 

Instructional Methods: 
  • Lecture 
  • Scenario 

Course Requirements: 
  • 100% participation in group work and discussion

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