Course detail: Street to Street: The Criminal Justice Progression of a Gang Member

KGIA is pleased to provide this special Zoom presentation! Street to Street: The Criminal Justice Progression of a Gang Member guides participants through the path a gang member takes from first encounter within the community, through arrest and jail placement, to incarceration and eventually supervised release within the community once more. 

  • Initial Law Enforcement Encounter 
          What can we learn from the initial gang contact in the street? The first contact is often the most important. Learn how to build rapport, gather intelligence, and develop your investigation for prosecution. 
  • Jail 
         What responsibility and resources exist to assure officer safety within small and large county -level jails? How does networking and communication make your job easier and contribute to a coordinated response to the threats faced within the community?
  • Prosecution 
          What is the prosecutor's role? What challenges face the prosecution during violent crime prosecutions. Learn how to work with your local prosecutors for a successful case. 
  • Prison 
          How do gang members continue their threat to the community while incarcerated? How  critical is networking between community law enforcement and prison officials? Learn what corrections intelligence is available to enhance community investigations.
  • Parole 
          How can parole services assist with community crime prevention and development of investigative strategies? Learn what resources are available for continued management of gang  behaviors during supervision.

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