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Course detail: RR2 - Rope Rescue 2 Training
Rope Rescue 2 is a five-day certification course that builds onto the skills learned in Rope Rescue 1. It is designed to meet the NFPA Standard 1006 on Rope Rescue Technician Level 2. It refreshes the types and uses of ropes/knots, equipment, and anchor systems skills. It then includes victim movement on rope, litter tender operations, high lines, and ascending/descending on a natural or man-made structure. Program will include classroom and hands-on application of skills on a planned building or tower involving strenuous physical activity and the ability of the student to work at heights.

Student provided Text: Technical Rescuer: Rope Levels I and II by Jeff Matthews Published by Cengage (2009).

Course pre-requisites
(required) Intro to Tech Rescue Online
(required) Intro to Tech Rescue Part 2

Available sessions