Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute

Seminars & Conferences

The primary focus of this program is to deliver required "Annual Fire School Seminars." Scheduled regionally throughout Kansas, these seminars bring "keynote quality presentations" into a one-day seminar format. Speakers are typically nationally recognized experts in the topics and the seminar format allows a full day to expand their presentations into a full day. This highly successful format allows exceptional quality seminars to be delivered to over 500 firefighters per year.

This program also assists fire service organizations to deliver special, "one-time" conferences and short courses for a diverse fire service audience. The Institute cooperates and collaborates with many organizations in the delivery of these events

Courses & Events

The Kansas Fire and Rescue Training Institute (KFRTI) Goodland Fire School is a cooperate event to advance the knowledge and skills of Kansas firefighters. This event combines the annual fire schools normally held by KFRTI and Goodland Fire Department into one single event.

March 31, 2023 to April 30, 2023, Northwest Kansas Technical College