Course: Sculpting History at the Valentine Studio (OSH-PXSCLPTHSTRY)

FIELD TRIP - Those who created the Lost Cause narrative used cultural and social centers of power to make it successful: education, media, politics, money, religion, and violence. "Sculpting History at the Valentine Studio: Art, Power, and the 'Lost Cause' American Myth" uses evidence to show how Edward Valentine, leaders in Richmond, and others around the country reframed the reality of the Civil War. It uncovers the stories behind the Lost Cause, its legacy, and those who resisted the myth. 

The Valentine closed the studio in 2020 and spent three years working with the community to determine how the space should serve the needs of the Richmond region and beyond. Surveys, focus groups, programming, and conversations reflected the desire to explore the history of the Lost Cause myth, racial oppression, power, and public art. Opening in January 2024, 'Sculpting History' uses artworks sculpted by Edward Valentine as well as documents, objects, images, quotations, and questions to connect the Lost Cause myth to today. A powerful multimedia presentation reveals links between the Lost Cause campaign, Edward Valentine, and Richmond's monuments. 

Guests are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences and share their vision of the future. The Valentine Studio is located in the museum's garden. Fees are non-refundable unless we are able to fill your slot.

 Session: OSH324.PXSCLPTHSTRY (2 seats (7%) remaining)

Schedule: Friday 7/12
Times: 01:30pm - 03:30pm


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Jessica Delbridge

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Valentine Museum
1015 E Clay St
Richmond, VA 23219