Course: Dartmouth Summer Lecture 1: U.S. Global Leadership Challenged (OSH-PXDART1)

The Osher Institute at Dartmouth College is offering its summer lecture series via livestream to Osher colleagues across the nation. This year's theme is America's Role in Preserving Peace and Prosperity. Lecture one is 'US Global Leadership Challenged.' We will add a more detailed description when it's available.

 Session: OSH324.PXDART1

Schedule: Wednesday, July 10
Times: 09:00am - 11:30am


Classes held online following set schedule. The program will run 9AM until about 10:15AM, then there will be a 20-30 minutes break. We will resume around 10:45 AM with Q&A and end at 11:30 AM.


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Tori Holt

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Synchronous Online
Classes held online following set schedule.