Course: My Favorite Photographs and the Stories Behind Them (OSH-FAVPHOTO)

I have devoted the last 25 years of my photography career to capturing photographs of the natural world in Virginia and twenty other states across the nation. My dedication to capturing these images from nature, both landscapes and wildlife in and out of our natural public lands, has been the foundation for my active support for the conservation and preservation of our natural environment and my commitment to non-profit environmental organizations who work to protect it. My efforts have led me to prepare this presentation for photography clubs and groups in the Commonwealth. I am extremely pleased to have the opportunity to share the stories of their captures and provide viewers with numerous opportunities to celebrate and connect with the remarkable and striking natural world in which we live. I also appreciate the opportunity to entertain the public regarding the challenges photographers encounter in their search to capture images that inform and inspire others to appreciate the natural beauty of our world and the amazing creatures who inhabit it. I also want the public to support our efforts to preserve our marvelous natural world for future generations. I believe this is a critical need at this time.

 Session: OSH324.FAVPHOTO

Schedule: Every day, starting on 08/12/24 and ending on 08/12/24
Times: 10:00am - 12:00pm


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Benjamin Greenberg

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Robins School of Business
BUS, Ukrop Auditorium Q162
102 UR Drive
University of Richmond, VA 23173
BUS, Ukrop Auditorium Q162