Course Detail: OSH-PIVOTAL - Forging a New Nation: Pivotal Moments in American History (1783-1803)

Our government has many features that we today take for granted: civilian control of the military, a written Constitution, a listing of reserved rights, a capital in Washington DC, and limited presidential terms of office. When the Revolutionary War ended, however, none of these features were inevitable. Our government could have easily evolved without these components. Yet, it did not. That is because between 1783 and 1803 several courageous men made critical decisions that determined our destiny. In this course we will look at these pivotal decisions, at the circumstances leading to them and at the men who made them.

 Session Information: OSH224.PIVOTAL

Schedule: Wednesday 4/10, 17, 24
Times: 01:00pm - 03:00pm


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Michael Kerley

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Jepson Hall
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JPSN, Room 118