Course Detail: OSH-PTRYWKSHP - Poetry and Music and Participant Poetry Workshops

Join us as we look at 18 poets, two per session. Then, we'll spend time on participant poems and on poems from presenter's new chapbook, 'On Sunday Afternoons.' Topics will include syntax, line, beat, meter, word, image, voice, feel. Discussions will focus on poetry of Merwin, Dickinson, Collins, Stevens, Grennan, Eliot, Ashbery, Yeats, Baraka, Williams, Komunyakaa, Whitman, Graham, Walcott, Creeley, Frost, Brooks and Bishop. Music interspersed that is related to or in the time frame of the poets we read.Content 75 % reading from the two volume, 'Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry Third Edition-Vols. I and II,' and 25% poetry workshops of participants' original poems.Format: Class discussion rather than stand up lecture approach.Readings are mostly available online. But the 'Norton Anthology' has great bios of the poets and their prose essays. WorkshopsParticipants will write an original poem, generally one page or less and group critique each work with positive comments such as build on what you already have; everyone has something to offer.Reading Four readings of any one poem: 1. Finding syntax (sentence structure if applicable) line breaks, beat, and meter if any, (iambs, trochee, anapests, dactyls) that may help in following sense of the poem; 2. Find one or two words or images that stand(s) out the most; 3. Decide what question to ask the poem/its voice/ or its poet; 4. Express to others how the poem makes you feel.Presenter topics for discussion will include but not be limited to:the use of foot (iambs, trochee, anapests, dactyls), beat, line, stanza, free form, meter , free verse, blank verse, syllabic verse etc.

 Session Information: OSH223.PTRYWKSHP

Schedule: Thursdays; 2/2, 2/9, 2/16, 2/23, 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30, 4/6, 4/13, 4/20
Times: 03:30pm - 05:00pm


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