Course Detail: NC-LEPC - Law Enforcement Professional Certificate Program

To give professionals the most in-depth look at law enforcement possible, this program examines the history, structure, actions and strategies of American police. Students will explore a number of interesting topics including the structure and purpose of federal, state and local police forces, their inner-workings and interconnectivity as well as the various ways each individual force plays a role in the collective effort to are on the front lines of everyday police functions, criminal accountability and the relationship between law enforcement and the community that maintains public order.

Program Objectives

At the conclusion of this program, students will be able to:
  • Define terms related to law enforcement
  • Examine the organization of law enforcement
  • Examine the roles, functions, and styles of policing
  • Describe the impact that history has had on the current law enforcement system
  • Analyze the use of forensic science and criminalistics in the criminal justice system
  • Examine challenges faced by law enforcement
  • Analyze laws and technology as related to policing
  • Analyze issues related to policing in foreign countries
  • Describe the personal qualities that affect the interview process
  • Research, using articles from the Internet, and describe how to successfully interview and interrogate witnesses
  • Differentiate an interview from an interrogation and identify the steps in the interview process
  • Formulate a list of questions that can be used in purposeful interrogation
  • Compare the traditional interview method with the cognitive interview method
  • Identify the constitutional and legal considerations necessary for criminal interrogation
  • Using case studies, analyze the techniques used by officers in obtaining a confession and make suggestions for improvement
  • Describe interview approaches for special populations
  • Use Microsoft Office

 Session Detail: CCI322.LEPC

Schedule: Self-paced online, start anytime


Includes in-person local externship placement. Students will have one year to complete the course.


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