Course Detail: NC-CRIMJUST - Criminal Justice Professional Certificate Program

The Criminal Justice Professional program provides students the basic competencies involved in criminal justice, legal and investigative ethics, criminal law and procedure as well as juvenile justice and criminal courts. Facing a host of issues from overwhelming corrections populations to evolving search and seizure methods within the confines of the Fourth Amendment, professionals working in the Criminal Justice system require a comprehensive understanding of the various issues facing all of the players in the legal system on the criminal side as well as the societal and utilitarian principles affected by these decisions every day. Beyond that, the amount of technology changes for law enforcement and other security and investigative agencies requires a broad understanding of the criminal justice system overall.  This program offers a comprehensive look at the American criminal justice system, particularly from the legal side.

Program Objectives

At the conclusion of this program, students will be able to:
  • Define key terms related to the justice system and examine the justice system
  • Analyze concepts related to criminal law and compare and contrast theories of crime
  • Evaluate the impact history has had on the American justice system
  • Examine issues and emerging trends in criminal justice
  • Define terms, purpose and function of criminal law
  • Assess legal issues as presented in court cases and key concepts of criminal law
  • Define key concepts related to ethics
  • Explain the impact of ethical decisions
  • Explain the relationship between values, morals, ethics, and critical thinking
  • Compare and contrast philosophies related to ethics
  • Analyze the process of making ethical decisions
  • Examine ethics in the criminal justice system
  • Evaluate methods used to address ethical misconduct in society
  • Use Microsoft Office

 Session Information: CCI123.CRIMJUST

Schedule: Self-paced online, start anytime
Course Fee : $1499.00


Includes in-person local externship placement. Students will have one year to complete the course.


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