Course: The Art of War: The Vietnam War (OSH-ARTWRNAM)

Throughout much of our history, artists have been embedded on the battlefield to capture soldiers in action. Join us as we analyze and discuss how wartime artists serving on the frontlines applied their artistic talents to express what they experienced in real-time from their own unique perspectives. In this program, we will look at the Army War Artist Program focusing on the Vietnam War. This presentation is a collaboration between Ralph Kidder and Alice Waagen, American Art docents, and Steve Anders, retired Army historian, who will provide the historical context for the art.

 Session: OSH224.ARTWARNAM

Schedule: Monday 4/29
Times: 10:00am - 12:00pm


Offered live, online via Zoom. Link provided via email 24 hours prior to class start.


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Alice Waagen
Ralph Kidder
Steve Anders

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Synchronous Online
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