Course: Leadership In Government Seminar (NC-GOVSEM)

The Leadership in Government Seminar offers a targeted training experience for state and local government employees, focusing on the distinct challenges and opportunities of public sector leadership. Enhance your ability to navigate the complexities of public sector leadership and make a significant impact within your organization and community.

This dynamic program provides a rich learning journey that covers everything from the foundational principles of leadership and strategic planning to the nuances of crisis communication and ethical budgeting. Designed to foster effective leadership skills, this seminar empowers participants to drive impactful change, innovate within their roles, and lead with confidence and integrity in a government setting.

Seminar Instructional Team

The seminar is led by former heads of state executive agencies, individuals who have navigated the complex challenges and opportunities of leadership at the highest level of Virginia government. Their backgrounds encompass a broad spectrum of disciplines, including public administration, finance, legislative management, and strategic planning, ensuring a well-rounded and deeply informed educational experience.

Course Modules

  1. Foundations of Effective Leadership
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Leading as a Peer
  4. Crisis Communications
  5. Budgeting and Planning
  6. Ethics in Leadership

Who Should Enroll?

Ideal for current and aspiring leaders at all levels of state and local government, this seminar is tailored for those looking to enhance their leadership capabilities, including department heads, managers, and staff poised for leadership roles.

Format and Duration

Hosted on the University of Richmond campus, the seminar is structured as a blend of interactive lectures, case studies, group discussions, and practical exercises. This intensive seminar is designed to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals, requiring a 5 day commitment.

 Session: GOVS125

Schedule: Every day, starting on 10/07/24 and ending on 10/11/24
Times: 08:00am - 05:00pm