Course Detail: OSH-CANPARA - A Canadian Paradox - Canada's Involvement in the US Civil War

The US Civil War does not lack for interpretations; and Canada's is one of ambivalence. Keeping in my Canadian 'swim lane' I'll take a romp through the civil war years as seen from The North Star. Contradictions abound, from receiving and protecting passengers from conductor Harriet Tubman's underground railroad, to plots to kill Lincoln and harboring the exiled Jefferson Davis. It's an interesting story that furthers our Osher learners understanding of their northern neighbor.The official governing stance in Canada toward the US civil war to be neutral but favor the Union; yet Canada was a hot bed of Confederate activity. Although 1000's of Canadians fought in the war the vast majority signed up with the Union. Canadians were truly conflicted about the US conflict.

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Schedule: Mondays 3/25, 4/1
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