Course Detail: NC-INTCERT - Interior Decorating Professional Certificate

The Interior Decorating Professional Certificate equips students with industry skills and knowledge to begin a career in the interior decorating field. Classes include foundational instruction in architecture, furniture and color theory. Students will also learn about materials, sourcing and industry-specific business practices while also establishing fundamental business skills needed to be a successful interior decorator. The program will culminate with a field experience project with a professional interior decorator/designer and a capstone decorating project of the students' own design.


1. Foundations

Covers background knowledge in architecture and furniture styles and history as well as color theory, all key knowledge areas for successful interior decorating.

2. Materials

Offers practical knowledge of materials used in the industry including flooring, textiles, wall and window treatments and lighting.

3. Business Facets

Addresses fundamental knowledge and skills in the areas of business planning, finance, and the legal issues in establishing a business.

4. Business Tools

Presents the day-to-day knowledge needed to be successful in identifying marketing trends, sourcing materials, and using social media to boost your business.

5. On Site/Field Experience

Students will receive a full tour and receive application instructions from the owners of the Designers Market of Richmond.

Capstone Project

The program culminates with an independent decorating project using Home Design 3D to demonstrate knowledge and skills learned in the program. Each student will present their project to the teachers and students enrolled in the program.

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