Course Detail: NC-PERFIT - Personal Fitness Trainer Certification

Whether for a career move or for personal knowledge, you can get all the information needed to become a Certified Personal Trainer. Our personal trainer course is a great way to prepare to be a successful nationally Certified Personal Trainer. The course consists of 15 hours of lecture with key topics that include biomechanics, exercise physiology, fitness testing, equipment usage, and health assessment followed by 15 hours of hands-on practical training labs with role-playing drills on exercises, presentation skills, etc. to help you master the position. Level 1 Nationally Certified Personal Trainer: successfully complete the written and practical exams. CPR/AED required. Level 2 Nationally Certified Personal Trainer: successfully complete your Level 1 exams followed by a 30-hour internship that will help connect with local employers. Students responsible for textbook: Fitness Professional Handbook 7th edition. Please order in advance. Available at Amazon Books or E-book also available from some vendors for rental/purchase. Please bring gym appropriate clothing for the practical lab classes. Internships will be set up for you after completing the 30 hours of lecture/practical training on campus.

Available Sessions