Course Detail: NC-GISCERT - GIS Fundamentals Certificate

This certificate program is designed for professionals who wish to enter the field of GIS or who wish to add GIS to their skill-set. The program provides a solid background in the fundamentals of geography and extends beyond a particular software program's capability or features. Participants will also learn and/or build upon GIS knowledge and skills that are applicable and important to their professions. Professionals will leave the certificate program with knowledge of the newest GIS software and best practices for utilizing it in various fields. Unlike a large portion of GIS certificate programs, you will learn how desktop GIS transitions to web-facing applications and how web GIS plays into your organization. GIS technology has broad applications in natural and social sciences, humanities, environmental studies, engineering, and management. Examples include wildlife habitat study, urban and regional planning, infectious disease monitoring, agriculture and forestry, environmental quality assessment, emergency management, transportation planning, consumer and competitor analysis, and many more. This course will introduce selected cases of GIS application in different disciplines depending on the interests of the class.

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