Course Detail: NC-EEP_FULL - Executing Entrepreneurial Principles Seminar Series

In this series of eight seminars, students will learn how to apply 105 Practical Business Principles for starting and growing a business to selling the business. The principles will give you a usable foundation for solving business problems and managing a business.

The course is designed for the serious person who wants to learn how to solve business problems, not just academic theory. You will learn Practical Business Principles to avoid lawsuits, collect delinquent accounts receivable, and how, in the real world, products and services are priced.

Entrepreneurial success requires planning and an understanding of what lies in wait as you travel the Road To The Top. By the time you have completed this series, you will know how to write a successful business plan and create a Cash Flow Forecast that will garner investor interest. You will learn how to improve your profits by executing your business plan.

The Practical Business Principles that you will learn will vastly improve your ability to start a new business, improve the profitability of your existing business, and increase your long term business success. Includes Seminars below:

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