Course Detail: IOPMKT3 - Strategic Communications for Nonprofits Institute

Strategic Communication for Nonprofits helps you develop the analytical insight and professional skills you need to elevate public awareness about your nonprofit and generate financial support for its mission. Formerly known as the Strategic Marketing & Communications for Nonprofit Institute, this week-long program has been redesigned based on input from students and industry leaders to focus on strategies that drive marketing and communication campaigns and determine the deliverables required to engage prospects. The week begins with an intensive assessment of organizational needs, decision-making processes, and market research. You'll also explore the methods you might use to measure the effectiveness of marketing and communication strategies. As the week progresses, you will assess and refine your strategies based on feedback from faculty and peers, applying creative tactics for differentiating your nonprofit. The program culminates with an opportunity to present your marketing strategy to the class. Not only does this exercise give you another chance to receive feedback, but it also prepares you for the presentation you'll provide your nonprofit's leadership when you return to work.

Strategic Communication Institute for Nonprofits is a premier program. Taught by faculty with extensive experience working with organizations just like yours, you'll learn about best practices for marketing your nonprofit and, thanks to hands-on learning experiences, you'll return to the office ready to put your new ideas to work immediately.

A Certificate in Strategic Communications for Nonprofits will be awarded at the conclusion of the week.

A deposit of $125 is non-refundable.

If eligible for University of Richmond Tuition Remission, the Tuition Remission benefit will not be refunded in the event of cancellation.

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