Course: PAIRED TOUR - An Unfinished Museum: 125 Years of the Valentine and Turning Point: Richmond in the 1890s (OSH-PXPAIRTOUR)

FIELD TRIP - In 1930, acting Director Laura Bragg expressed her dismay at plans to delay the reopening of the 30-year-old Valentine Museum following a major reorganization and expansion. She wrote to then-president Granville Valentine 'A finished museum is a dead one' and urged that the museum open as planned that October. 'An Unfinished Museum: 125 Years of the Valentine' explores through photography the evolving role of the Valentine Museum to address the changing needs of the Richmond community. 

From general museum to one focused on the region's history, the Valentine has never been content to be static. See how the Valentine's collections, exhibitions and programs have grown and changed over the decades while remaining committed to the museums physical presence in downtown Richmond. 

Thirty years after the Civil War, a new generation took over Richmond's segregated economic, municipal, social, and cultural institutions. Opening in April 2024, 'Turning Point: Richmond in the 1890s' details the tensions that arose during this tumultuous decade and its lasting effects on Richmond today. 

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