Course Detail: PIA.320.JOIFW - Joan Oates Institute: Foundations of Arts Integration

In this foundational course, participants discover how to integrate community and culture to help students contextualize curricular content in what they are seeing, listening to and experiencing in the world.

Participants will work through five modules, engaging in multiple ways of learning and discovering how to align, communicate and assess their learning outcomes in authentic and innovative ways.
  • Module 1: Integrating Community and Culture in K-12 through the Arts and Technology
  • Module 2: Mapping Inequality: Seeing our Communities and Systemic Inequities
  • Module 3: Mapping Community Stories and Voices
  • Module 4: Hearing Segregation: Creating Community Sounds
  • Module 5: Create a Learning Story Map of Your Community
This course is designed for PreK-12 educators or teams of teachers in all subjects, along with administrators, coaches, and performing, visual and literary teaching artists. Participant outcomes include tools to:
  • Engage and empower students
  • Explore big ideas through the lenses of multiple disciplines
  • Provide a range of media to assess content comprehension
  • Connect curricular content to real-world experience
Additional details available on the Foundations of Arts Integration page.

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