Course Detail: OSH-AUTISM - A Recovering Attorney's Journey Into the World of Autism

In 2000, one in 150 children was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Today, the rate is one in 44. What is autism? How does it impact those with its diagnosis? What services are available to children and adults with autism? What obstacles do those with autism and their families face simply trying to get those services? In 2003, Brian McCann graduated from William and Mary's School of Law. He had never heard of autism. Fast forward almost twenty years, and Brian is about to celebrate his seven-year anniversary as CEO of The Faison Center, a premier autism service provider that serves over 300 children and adults with autism every day ( As an attorney, Brian represented families of children with disabilities and witnessed how they had to constantly advocate to get their children the education they were entitled to under the law. As CEO of The Faison Center and as the Chair of the Council for Autism Service Providers (CASP), he has seen the tremendous obstacles that families face as they try to navigate insurance, educational and adult service issues. Brian's background and experience gives him a unique perspective into the world of autism.

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Tuesday, Mar 14 , TBD - UR Campus (2 seats (6%) remaining)