Course Detail: NC-ONLINE_ED - Maximizing Student Learning through Online Instruction

In this course, students will explore best practices in Online & Distance Learning Instruction and apply this knowledge by creating actual online modules and courses. This course is designed to support the growth of all educators, whether preparing to enter the teaching workforce or experienced classroom teachers. Course content and activities will prepare students to design a variety of online learning environments, from 100% distance learning classrooms to supporting in-person instruction with blended tools, resources and strategies.

Major course topics include:

  • Design Principles for Creating Effective Online and Distance Learning Environments. Includes asynchronous vs. synchronous course structuring, automated and teacher-facilitated instructional design, and student grouping models from cohort-based to completely individualized instruction. 
  • Digital Learning Tools Part 1. Focuses on hosting and facilitating online learning focusing on Learning Management Systems (e.g., Canvas, Schoology, Google Classroom, Blackboard); Google Suite of products.
  • Digital Learning Tools Part 2. Explore and practice a wide variety of supporting digital tools to increase student engagement, motivation, and autonomy during online and distance learning.
  • Relationship Building and Communication Strategies. Cultivate meaningful and powerful relationships with learners and families in an online setting. Included in this discussion will be an in-depth review of digital communication platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Online Classroom Management Practices. Ensure student engagement across many student development levels from Pre-K through adulthood. 
  • Assessment and Feedback Methods. Focus on designing and delivering effective monitoring, tracking, and support of student learning.

This class will consist of asynchronous learning modules that can be completed at the participants' own pace with weekly due dates. In addition, weekly one-hour synchronous check-ins will be available for students who want to collaborate and receive coaching and support through online Zoom meetings.

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