Course Detail: NC-MEDTONL - Meditation I: Mindfulness with a Purpose

This course is designed for those who may be new to meditation or those who would like to enhance their overall meditation skills. You will learn to better manage the stresses that come into your everyday life and also move beyond any blocks that keep you stuck in old patterns of thinking and behavior. By learning to calm the mind, harmony and wholeness in your life can be enhanced and specific goals can be attained. 

Many studies have shown that people who meditate regularly are better able to manage the stress in their life and can receive benefits across a wide variety of other areas. For example: better, more restful sleep; increased alertness; more brainpower; greater happiness; increased mental awareness as well as many physical and psychological benefits. By learning to meditate successfully you will be able to receive these benefits and many more.  

There will be many meditation exercises during the class including a wide variety of problem-solving techniques. This course also includes a robust compilation of slides and online materials available to each student during and after the classes.

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