Course Detail: NC-PHTMASTR - Photography: Master Class - It's All About Light

Go beyond the Advanced DSLR workshop and challenge and expand your creative and technical knowledge and skills in this collaborative, participant driven Master Class. Each class meeting will include location/studio photography and in-class discussion. Weekly assignments will be shared with the class and critiqued. You will experience night and low-light photography, studio set-up, on-and-off camera flash, advanced composition, high ISO and large aperture, shooting in manual mode, macro photography, creating and maximizing light, manual white balance, action and motion, black and white, portrait photography, light painting, and more! Each participant will create a portfolio of his/her photographs taken during the workshop. Bring your camera and lenses to the first meeting. Required equipment: DSLR camera capable of at least ISO 3200 (6400 is ideal), at least one lens with 2.8 or larger constant aperture, sturdy tripod, working knowledge of all of your camera settings. Suggested equipment: speed-light, macro lens, or macro extension tubes.

Available Sessions