Course Detail: NC-NORSVWKD - Art & Film Exploration: No Reservations

Food plays an artful role in this story of three people who need each other more than they know. After a car accident claims the life of nine-year-old Zoe's mother, she is forced to move in with her aunt who happens to be a master chef in a trendy Manhattan restaurant and rules her kitchen like a warden. At a loss for how to parent her grieving niece, she reluctantly reaches out to chef assistant Nick. The film soundtrack makes extensive use of operatic music, and includes Liz Phair's song 'Count on My Love.' Students will explore mixed media and collage to cut, glue, paste, and paint one or two colorful paintings of fine dining scenes while discovering the use of texture, shape, and composition. No prior experience needed; suitable for all levels. Course is designed for ages 18+. Materials are included.

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