Course Detail: NC-CP12 - Cultural Perspectives (3 au pair credits)

This course includes research, reading, and writing assignments with a focus on special topics and American culture designed to increase your comprehension and communication skills. Students have 3 weeks to complete rewarding and fun lessons, with the option to create your resume for review by our instructor. 

A Certificate of Completion from UR for 3 au pair credits (36 hours) will be awarded upon completion of the course.

Choose one of these topics after you register, and we'll email you the assignments. 

Leadership Fundamentals: Strong leadership is critical for success and progress, especially during challenging times! In these lessons we will explore some important foundations of leadership. Viewing the popular American film Erin Brockovich, we'll analyze important leadership traits exhibited by the characters, along with cultural themes presented in the film. You will also explore profiles of great leaders, their qualities, styles, and visions, and how you can utilize these in your own professional and personal life.

Exploring the Life of Artist Chuck Close: Welcome to the world of Chuck Close. Close's artwork can be explored online along with documented information about his life. You won't want to miss the colorful details! Students will use the internet to visit community resources and complete this educational and cultural experience. Lessons includes research and written work, a scavenger hunt, an art project, a short film recording, and viewing a movie about Close.

Discover the Life of Designer Coco Chanel
Explore the totally unconventional, unforgettable life and couture of Coco Chanel, the modern woman's designer, to illustrate a very personal and unique style of your own. Using film clips, quotes and a study of multiple online resources, participants will explore Chanel's hope and conviction along with the fashion industry, and then illustrate a personal portfolio of designs. Recommended reading, journaling, and sketching assignments will enhance the experience. Students attend live classes via zoom and have 3 weeks to complete rewarding and fun lessons.

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